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A free yet complete tool to create and edit CUE sheets for and from WAV files
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CueListTool is a free yet comprehensive application that allows you to create and edit CUE files for and from your uncompressed audio files (WAV/WV). It is especially useful when you need to extract the CUE data which is embedded directly in the WAV file. External CUE sheets can also be viewed and edited with this tool, and used to burn your music CD without exiting CueListTool.

CUE sheets store information about the start and end positions of each audio track in an album, as well as the track titles, the amount of silence before and/or after each track, the artist and album names, etc. This information is essential to burn exact copies of audio CDs and can sometimes be extracted from the WAV files themselves. With this tool you just need to select any of the tracks in the album, and if the information has been appended to the audio file in the ripping process, CueListTool will show you the whole CUE sheet, allowing you to edit any of the parameters shown.

You can change all the information related to the album itself, or to any of the tracks (name, length, position within the album, etc.), as well as delete or duplicate tracks with just one click. The start and end points of each track -and therefore, its absolute length - can be accurately modified down to the millisecond (the program includes also a convenient player that will allow you to check the results before saving them). Finally, you can copy the CUE information taken from a track and embed it in another WAV file, or save it in a number of text files (DOC, RTF, or TXT). In case you need to launch an external application from CueListTool (such as an MP3 encoder, for instance), you can configure it to access up to 10 different tools, including whatever parameters are needed.

Francisco Martínez
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